Monday, October 24, 2011

TF2 Halloween Update

The folks over at Team Fortress updated the game for the annual Halloween event last Friday. Halloween Gifts are now spawning in cp_manor, and if you find one, not only do you get a nice paper bag mask (wearable only during Halloween Events), you also get an achievement.Get a mask of all nine classes and you can combine them to create a mask of CEO of Mann Co., Saxton Hale. This mask can be worn anytime. These masks and achievements have been around since '09's Halloween Update, however. The only new thing as of yet is a background for the title screen. The new background is basically a Skull Island at sunset.

Friday, October 14, 2011

TF2 Update

As some of you are no doubt aware, the world's foremost war-themed hat simulator has updated. In addition to new hats Valve has introduced a new concept in the world of TF2. Decals. Similar to Paint, Name Tags, and Description Tags, Decals allow for the customization of in-game items by allowing the player to put a custom image on them. The decal-able items so far include an ID Badge, Pins, a Medal, and finally a sign that can be used as a melee weapon by everyone but the Spy. The Demoman got some rather nice Pirate Themed cosmetic items and a peg-legged reskin of Ali Baba's Wee Booties, But perhaps the best thing about this update, was that Valve finally implemented a second Misc slot. No longer will you have to decide between a Pip-Boy and Companion Cube Pin! Wear them both! A patch was also implemented, allowing the Pyro to use the Reserve Shooter and reducing the metal the Widowmaker uses down to 30, both of these fixes were very much appreciated. You may also now choose between 4 loadouts which is nice, allowing players to switch from Proper Demos to Demoknights to Demopans on the fly. A new map was added, Gullywash, which I found to be a bit rubbish, but I'm sure I'll warm up to it. Valve also included a new way for those with the skills (and those without, unfortunately) to propose and showcase items for consideration for implementation into the game. last, but not least a few players got a free (read:rubbish) paper hat!

While all of this was welcome, Valve, you're cutting the annual Halloween update awful close... Get To It!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Doctor Who?

Ah yes, ladies and gentlemen. The age old question. Whenever someone first meets the dear old Doctor their second question is always "Doctor Who?" (The first being "Who are you?" to which, if memory serves, the First Doctor once answered "Yes, quite right.") It seems as of late it's no longer a running gag and is an actual plot key. For as any Whovian worth their weight in gold dust knows, "Doctor Who?" is The Question. The question "that must never be answered", but will asked at the Fields of Trenzalore, and lead to the "The Fall of the Eleventh". Could this mean Matt Smith's tenure as the Doctor is coming to a close? Unlikely. Matt has signed for 2 more seasons after season six, and I doubt that Steven Moffat will see fit to drag a story arc other than River Song over more than one season. Another reason I personally think this theory is a bit rubbish is because the clue was thrown out there by none other than Moffat himself. The man is a master of misdirection. Remember all that build up with the Gangers, only for the Tesselecta to be the Chekov's Gun that saved the Doctor? Pure Moffat.

Welcome To The Colister Bell Tolls

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